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Portrait of a man and two women

Item consists of a grey card with oval photograph of a man with dark suit and hat seated at centre, with two women standing behind him, each holding a pair of gloves. The woman on the left wears a checkered blouse with plain dark skirt, and the blouse is puffed out in the "S" curve fashion. The woman on the right wears a dark coloured dress with matching belt and a velvet(?) collar. At bottom right, embossed, "Jas. Mason/ PENETANG &/ ELMVALE".

Mason, James H.

Portrait of a woman with large feathered hat

Item is a square cream card with thin brown line framing a square photograph of a woman with a large feathered hat. A lithgraphed drawing of flowers in red and green frames the photograph on the diagonal. Beneath the image, in brown letterpress, "CARTE DE VISITE" and at the lower right of the card, "CARRIERE & CIE./ 159 RUE SAINT LAURENT/ MONTREAL."

Carriere & Cie.

[Portrait of woman in feathered hat]

Item is a pale yellow cabinet card with portrait of a woman in a flower patterened coat and high collar, gloves and feathered hat, leaning against a stone wall with potted plants. On verso, the motto and arms for the city of Aberdeen (showing three castles, two leapords and the motto "Bon Accord") followed by the photographer's stamp in black, "ARTIST/ &/ PHOTOGRAPHER/ W. Carey,/ 35 & 37 BACK WYND,/ ABERDEEN./ Pictures of every description,/ Copied, enlarged and finished in Oil,/ Water, or Crayon./ George Mason & Co."

W. Garey

[Portrait of three women]

Item is a wood frame covered in red paper with gold details, with ambrotype held in place with brass matt and brass preserver. Ambrotype is a portrait of three women, sitting on a bench outside, in front of what looks to be a boat on shore. All three wear elaborate hats, with long dresses and white collars, and their hands in their laps. All three look directly at the camera. Ambrotype is a single sheet of glass, the ashphaltum was painted directly overtop the collodion surface and so it is only one piece of glass with no need for a cover glass.

[Portrait of a man in a hat]

Item is a daguerreotype framed in brass matt, cover glass and brass preserver, but no case. Image is of a man with a mustache and a hat. He's wearing a dark suit with vest and silk tie tied in a bow. Looks as though the daguerreotype has been removed from its case.

Portrait of a boy with hat and stick

Item is a cream coloured card with portrait of boy leaning against a book on top of a table. He holds a stick in his right hand and a hat in his left, and wears a sack jacket and waistcoat and his short hair parted in the middle. On verso, and red lithographed photographer's stamp on a green background. "W. H. MIDWINTER,/ Artist and/ Photographer/ 24, College Green,/ BRISTOL./ Copies may be had any time." At the top right, printed sideways in pencil, "4".

W.H. Midwinter

Portrait of a woman outdoors

Item is a light pink card with gold edging and a portrait of a young woman outdoors, in front of trees and a river?, wearing a wide puffed sleeved dress with large lace front, a flat hat and holding an umbrella. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "3-".

Portrait of a woman and man by a window

Item is a portrait printed on textured art paper of a man seated in a window with his arm around a woman standing beside him, looking out the window. Posed artistic portrait. Embossed at bottom right, "Baker Art Gallery/ COLUMBUS, O." Embossed at top left, a coat of arms with lion. In grey bi-fold mount.

Baker Art Gallery

group of men in field

unmounted print depicting group of men (and one young girl) in open field littered with leaves and sticks. One man in pointing at something with his cane. There is a saddle on the ground. Verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

man in the shade

unmounted DOP of man in formal dress, white hat, cane, holding his gloves in outdoor setting. Verso inscription "Mr. I N George (?)" Verso partial ink stamp "[…]graph was made[…] and is not […] d permanent […] e & Booth […] Toronto"

man holding silver plate

unmounted DOP depicting a man with jacket and bowler hat holding an engraved silver plate. He stands in front of a white fence, crowd of people, and grandstand. Recto printed label "Phillips Ward-Price Ltd. No. 185." verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

honorary president at racetrack

unmounted DOP depicting a waist-up shot of two men in from of crowd in grandstand. One wears fedora, the other wears captain's hat and ribbon reading "E.A.A. field day 1910. Hon. President." Verso ink stamp: "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

[man pulling plow]

vignetted gsp mounted on brown mat board with decorative border. Depicting a flat field landscape, where large group of men watches a man harnessed to a plow and another sitting on the plow. Recto ink inscription, bottom right: "Keller." Verso inscription in pencil: "J. Cramner."

Men in photographic studio park

Item consists of a cream coloured card with photograph affixed of 6 men in a park setting. The backdrop is painted with trees, and there are columns on either side of the group. Three men sit in the back row, two in front, and a third lays on the ground in front. A pile of bowler hats is a the bottom left. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "25-".

[Portrait of three men outside]

Item is a cased tintype. Has a metal loop at side which suggests it's not a closed case, but more a frame. No front cover. Image has a brass mat, a cover glass and a soft brass preserver. Image is of three seated men leaning against a wall of a house, with wood siding. One on left wears a top hat and dark suit, with a long beard and mustach. The one in the middle has on a suit with jacket, vest and a chain watch and a hat. He has a cigarette in his mouth and a cane leaning against his legs. The one on the right wears a bowler hat, with suit jacket, vest and tie and holds a cane in his hands. He has a long mustach.

[Portrait of a seated man with framed photograph and hat on table]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a seated man, his right arm resting on a table, his legs crossed. On the table is his hat, and a framed photograph of a woman standing, though unrecognizable (possibly mourning portrait). Table is quite ornate, as is the armoir in the background. Carpet is flowered. He is well dressed in a dark frock coat, with a white high-collared shirt and tie. He has a mustach and his cheeks are tinted pink. The hat is perhaps a boater hat, straw with a wide black band and trim. Due to frock coat and hat dated after 1870s. All four corners are rouned off.

[Group portrait with a car]

Item is an unmounted group portrait of four men and one woman sitting in a car. It is believed to be a Ford Model A car dating from 1903 which is how the photograph is dated. All four men are wearing bowlers hats, and suits with jackets and ties. Woman is wearing a large hat with flowers. Man behind wheel and another in backseat both have mustaches. Studio backdrop. Black band across top of image.

[Portrait of a woman with hat]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a woman in a black dress standing against a plain background. She has a pin at her throat, and a white collar is visible under her black coat. Same woman as in 2008.001.1825 but now she is wearing a hat, with feathers, flowers and a bow. The hat is in keeping with the fashion of the 1880s. In this photograph is mostly head and shoulders.

[Portrait of two men with pipes]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men seated, with a flowered curtain behind them, and a plaid carpet at their feet. Both men have facial hair. Both are wearing hats, and are holding pipes - man on right holds it in his mouth, and on left in his hands. One on right has a bandaged finger on his left hand. Man on left has his legs crossed, and is holding something white in his right hand, pipe in his left. White sticker on back of tintype with the letter 'c' written on it.

[Group portrait of three women]

Item is an uunmounted studio portrait of three women. One is standing, one is perched on a stool, and one is sitting on the ground. All three have hats, two are wearing them, and one is holding it in her hands. All wear black dresses, two have purses. There's an umbrella leaning on stool. Cheeks are tinted pink. Given their clothing perhaps they are in mourning. All four corners are angled off.

[Portrait of two women]

Item has a cream card-frame embossed opening, with embossed letters "Potter's Patent March 7 1865." Which is how we dated the tintype. Photograph is a studio portrait of two women, both standing, side by side. Both women wear hats. One on left wears a dark shirtwaist, with a striped full skirt with hair tied neatly back and little bow at the neck. Woman on right has a dark dress, buttons down the front with a small white collar, in fashion in the 1860s. Her hair is shoulder lenght ringlets, also in fashion in the 1860s. Both have pink tinted cheeks.

[Portrait of a woman in hat]

Item has a pink card-frame with gold details around opening. Back of card-frame is pink with gold details with space to write name or photographer's name? Tintype is a portrait of a woman from waist up, wearing a hat, hair in ringlets, with a dress buttoned down the front, with a big white lace collar. Her head is turned away from the camera. Her cheeks are tinted pink. Image is slightly blurry due to movement during exposure. Faint studio backdrop is visible in background.

[Portrait of a man in fedora]

Item has a cream card-frame with green details of ivy around square opening. Edges of card mount are rounded out, like bubbles. Tintype is a portrait of a man standing on a sidewalk outdoors. He wears a suit jacket, vest and tie with high white collar and fedora hat. There are people in the background, walking on the sidewalk, and what looks like a car parked beside him. You cannot make out any details in his face. He wears something on his lapel, maybe a handkerchief in his breast pocket. Image dated in the 1930s due to the popularity of the fedora in this decade.

Portrait of a man and woman in outdoor coats in front of a landscape backdrop

Item is a photograph with a white border area. Depicts a man and woman wearing heavy overcoats and hats, the woman wearing gloves posed in front of a painted landscape backdrop with trees and leaves. Embossed into photo at lower right, "J. W. Smith,/ SILSDEN." On verso, printed in black ink, "POST CARD/ CORRESPONDENCE/ ADDRESS ONLY".

[Five portraits of a boy]

Item consists of a black mat with five oval openings and a portrait in each. All five portraits are of the same young boy, in different hats, but same suit. The last image is one of him, with no hat. He wears a cowboy hat, a military cap or fez hat, a top hat and a boater hat. The black matt has flower details around each opening. On verso, sticker with "$3.50 sw."

starter and assistant on racetrack

unmounted DOP depicting four men, one with bowler hat, others with fedoras, standing on grass racetrack. Ole holds flag, one holds pad of paper. Verso inscription, "W.A. Dade the starter and his assitants." Verso ink stamp: "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

[family on lawn]

Item is an albumen print mounted on a mat board with gold edges. Depicts an extended family sitting on the lawn in front of a house with white siding, porch and bay window. They include three children, one dog, three, men, four women. Verso top right in pencil: "J."

[Photographic portrait pendant]

Item is a piece of photographic jewelry, a pendant with makeshift loop at top for chain. Very detailed gold plated metal pendant with glass image in centre. Image is adhered beneath a rectangular piece of glass, brown colour. Image is a portrait of a man standing, in a top hat and suit and bow tie. The glass is adhered to the centre of the piece.