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Group Portrait

Group Portrait

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Group Portrait

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[3 Women and a Man on a Lock]

Item consists of three black and white photographs of three women and a man on a lock. In each of the photographs, the women and man stand and sit in different configurations. They are perched against the lock's crank, and behind them is the lock and water. In the background there are some trees. The women are dressed is dresses and skirts, and the man is wearing a suit and tie. They look relaxed and are all wearing hats. Two of the photographs show only part of the faces of the people. It seems as though the photographer shot them too low, so parts of them are cut out of the frame. Each photograph is surrounded by an uneven white border. On the back of each photograph is handwritten in pencil the number "8", and on one of the photographs in brown pen is "July 12 / 19"

group of men in field

unmounted print depicting group of men (and one young girl) in open field littered with leaves and sticks. One man in pointing at something with his cane. There is a saddle on the ground. Verso ink stamp "This photograph was made by Pringle & Booth, 181 George St. Toronto, duplicates can be had at any time."

[Three young men and a car]

Item is a snapshot photograph of three young men and a car. Two are standing beside the car while one is inside. Car is parked outside infront of some trees, picket fence and a shed. Back of the photograph has handwritten in black ink: 'Winston Hoyle 31 Concord Street Coaticook Que.'

[Group portrait of four men]

Item is an unmounted group portrait, outdoors but with studio backdrop set up, two men sitting on the grass and two in chairs. In front of the men, is an 'x' made of wood used to hold up a rifle. All men wear vests, hats and sport mustaches. Man on right, on grass, is holding a pipe. Man on right, sitting on backwards chair, has a chain watch. Top and bottom left corners are cut at an angle.

[Group portrait of five men]

Item is an unmounted studio group portrait of five men, three seated and two standing. Two of those seated have legs crossed, the other is seated on an armrest. Man standing behind seated man on armrest, has his hand on his shoulder. Two of the faces are blurry from movement during exposure. One man on left and centre man (both seated) have handkerchief in breast pocket. All are wearing suits, with jakets and vest, bowties, hats and chain watches. Top left corner is angled off.

[Group portrait with a car]

Item is an unmounted group portrait of four men and one woman sitting in a car. It is believed to be a Ford Model A car dating from 1903 which is how the photograph is dated. All four men are wearing bowlers hats, and suits with jackets and ties. Woman is wearing a large hat with flowers. Man behind wheel and another in backseat both have mustaches. Studio backdrop. Black band across top of image.

[Group portrait of six children]

Item is an unmounted group studio portrait of six children set agains a landscape background. Four children in front are seated,and two stand behind. Two seated on the same chair on the right appear to be toddlers. The two standing behind, one girl & one boy, are older than the rest. The girls wear dresses with big white lace collars, very fashionable in children's fashion from the 1870s. All four corners are angled off.

[Group portrait of three women]

Item is an uunmounted studio portrait of three women. One is standing, one is perched on a stool, and one is sitting on the ground. All three have hats, two are wearing them, and one is holding it in her hands. All wear black dresses, two have purses. There's an umbrella leaning on stool. Cheeks are tinted pink. Given their clothing perhaps they are in mourning. All four corners are angled off.

Group portrait of family with five children

Item consists of a white card with gold letterpress at bottom edge, "Swithun King/ Barrie and/ Orillia". In the centre, a design with artist's palette and brushes contains the text "EXTRA/ FINISH". Photograph is a group portrait of a man and woman with 5 children. The woman stands at the back, holding the youngest child in what appears to be a velvet trimmed dress. Two girls are seated on chairs and the boy sits on the floor in front. A girl in tartan dress stands at the knees of the father on the left. Behind the group, a backdrop with leaves and a mirror. On verso, handwritten in pencil, "L-10.00".

Swithin King

The Rock, White Rock, BC

Items consists of a post card of a 4 men and 4 women standing and sitting on a large rock. Image is circular and likely shot on an early Kodak Brownie. On the front, above the image someone has handwritten in pencil "The Rock", and below in pencil "White Rock B.C". The back of the photograph is printed with a post card format. This image was developed on Velox photographic paper, the first commercially successful photo paper.