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Toronto Normal School year pin

Toronto Normal School year pin. Two piece pin is attached by a gold chain. One of the pieces is usually a two number year denoting the year of graduation of the recipient.
Small plaque shaped base with "TNS" in black around a gold lamp of learning. Fine gold chain attaches to a small "33" pin.

Birks Ellis Ltd.

Grad shot glasses

A collection of shot glasses given out to graduates. Each glass has the year of graduation screened onto it. In the Spring of 1954 the previous year's graduates, in concert with SAC (Students' Administrative Council), presented a "RYE '54" shot glass to each member of the Class of '54 at their graduation dance. The "old" alumni filled each glass with an appropriate libation (Rye) and toasted the new alumni. While this first ceremony was conducted just for fun, the idea caught on. The filling of the glasses stopped when the number of graduates swelled in the 60's but the glasses continued to be handed out to graduates until 1993.

The date range on this collection is 1960-1984 with some intervening's years glasses not in the collection.