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Eaton's Memorabilia

Box contains the following items:

F 201-11.01: Ribbon: Eaton 100 1869-1969
F 201-11.02: 1976 Catalogues: Winter; Spring & Summer; Chritmas
F 201-11.03: Framed Souvenir Menu/Placemat: The Round Room/The Georgian Room w/Thank you card and a book of matches
F 201-11.04: Thread Spool

Howard Kerr Memorial mace

This series consists of records pertaining to the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace.

Through the primary efforts of Dr. Eugen Bannerman, a proposal was made in 1992 to the Seaforth, Ontario Town Council to commemorate Howard Hillen Kerr, one of Seaforth's native sons and the founding principal of Ryerson University, through the creation of a ceremonial mace for use during official University events such as Convocation.

Dr. Bannerman was the driving force behind a fundraising drive to raise $18,000 to bring this project to fruition. Joining him on the Howard Kerr Memorial Mace Committee were: Clare Westcott, a Ryerson Journalism graduate (1950) and former resident of Seaforth; Harry Scott, former principal of Seaforth & District High School; Alf Ross, fomer Mayor of Seaforth; and Ross Ribey, President of the Agricultural Society.

The handcrafting of the Mace was commissioned to cabinetmaker Douglass Morse of Nova Scotia. It is made of solid turned walnut and carries a variety of traditional and historic symbols relating mainly to Howard Kerr and Ryerson University. In the Spring of 1994, the Mace was presented to Ryerson's newly-installed and first Chancellor, David Crombie, at the University's first Convocation following its attainment of university status in 1993. The Mace was presented to Mr. Crombie by Alf Ross and Ross Ribey, on behalf of the donors -- the citizens of Seaforth. Dr. Bannerman was appointed Bedel or mace-bearer and fulfilled this role until his retirement in 2001.

The contents of the sub-series are arranged as follows:

F 364-2.01 Photographs - Kerr, Mace, Convocation
F 364-2.02 Correspondence - Mace, Miscellaneous
F 364-2.03 History, Genealogy, Reminiscences - Howard Kerr And Family
F 364-2.04 Articles - Howard Kerr, Ryerson History
F364-2.05 Remisicences - Clare Wescott Re. Howard Kerr, Seaforth
F 364-2.06 Speeches, Talks, Presentations - Eugen Bannerman
F 364-2.07 Articles - Historical, Miscellaneous
F 364-2.08 Mace - Donors! - RESTRICTED file
F 364-2.09 Mace - Convocation
F 364-2.10 Mace - Design
F 364-2.11 Mace - Committee
F 364-2.12 Mace - Costs, Donations, Budget
F 364-2.13 Maces - General
F 364-2.14 Contact Information - Kerr Family
F 364-2.15 History - Egerton Ryerson
F 364-2.16 Rendering (With Caption) - Kerr Mace
F 364-2.17 Rendering - Artist's Concept of Other Potential Design - MC1.05

RIOT Miscellanea

Personal collection of RIOT memorabilia (programs and news clippings) from Fred Hainsworth, 1954 Electrical graduate and retired Maths,Physics,Computer Science faculty member.

ROW Programs

Personal collection of ROW programs from Fred Hainsworth, 1954 Electrical graduate and retired Maths, Physics and Computer Science faculty member.

RCTV Files

During the summer of 1969, an agreement was reached between the president of SURPI and Ryerson for a community television service to be operated under the direction of a board comprised of five representatives. The RCTV Board (two students, two administrators and one faculty member) set all programming policies and an executive committee of two RCTV board members was responsible for programming approval on a week to week basis. RCTV ceased to operate when equipment became obsolete and funding stopped in the late 1970s.

Subseries consists of four file folders and committee minutes pertaining to Ryerson Community Television. The records are those of the Director of Student Services who served as Chair of the RCTV Board.

Orientation files

File contains orientation files including freshman orientation and registration guides; correspondence; chairmen listings; and a proposal for orientation.

Ryerson Theatre files

File contains Ryerson Theatre's files including a report on the studies of Ryerson student facilities, rate schedule, a report on the use of the theatre, and appendices.

Women's Affairs files

File originated in Student Affairs Office (named changed to Student Services in 1968). Material deals with women's issues: equal educational and employment opportunities as far back as 1968.

Student Services documentation files

File contains Student Services documentation files. It includes correspondence, position papers, letterheads, reports, brochures, surveys, flyers, information booklets, bookmarks, and newsletters.

CJRT files

This file contains CJRT files including correspondence, information and agendas for "The Confederation of Tomorrow Conference", and newsletter clippings.

Pub incident file

File contains supplementary reports, correspondence, statements, and apologies related to the pub incident of 30/31 January 1993. It also includes supplementary reports on a smoking incident on 22 February 1993.

Project-Funds Allocation Committee for Students (P-FACS) files

Project-Funds Allocation Committee for Students or P-FACS is administered by the Office of Student Community Life under Student Services. It consists fo student representatives from various interests at Ryerson to support, by application, student events. A portion of student fees supports the funds.

School documentation files

This file contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, annual reports, news releases, curriculum material, promotional material, vacancy notices, research proposals.

Drama Productions

News clippings, programmes, tickets for R.T.A. (1st/2nd year) drama productions as part of their course curriculum.

Sony Equipment Donation

This file contains An Agreement between Sony and RPI regarding lending the Scheduled Equipment" , financial documents, memorandums, Policy Background Paper.


This file contains memorandums, correspondence, clippings, reports, Proposals for development of CJRT programmes in adult education and training, budget report.

Dean of Applied arts files

RG 103.138.1 BTC 1969
RG 103.138.2 Fashion 1969
RG 103.138.3 Film & Photography/Image Arts 1967-
RG 103.138.4 Graphic Communications Management 1967-
RG 103.138.5 Interior Design 1967-
RG 103.138.6 Journalism 1967-
RG 103.138.7 RTA 1967-
RG 103.138.8 Theatre 1967-
RG 103.138.9 Library Arts 1967-1982
RG 103.138.10 Broadcast Production Course 1966-1968
RG 103.138.11 Communications Dept. 1968-1969
RG 103.138.12 Early Childhood Education 1967-1972
RG 103.138.13 English Department 1967-1969
RG 103.138.14 Food Administration 1970
RG 103.138.15 Home Economics 1967-1972

Ryerson/OECA/Bell Canada Working Group On Telidon

This file contains memorandums, Videotex Proposal, Telidon and Education III - Field trial Proposal, Teliadom Working Group documentation, business cards, PANAVIS (Panasonic Audio Visual Information System) product description and information pamphlet, research proposal for BELL/VISTA Field Trial.

Ryerson Development Campaign

This file contains correspondence, Ryerson Mission, Fund Raising Plans, potential donors list, A proposal from The School of Radio and Television Arts, School of Fashion Advancement Through Industry Partnership.

Project 14: Rogers Communications Centre

This file contains correspondence, Centre for Applied Communications and Computer Science Facility Identification Forms and Summary of Space Requirements, ADCOM Electronics Limited Proposal for the provision of engineering services for The Rogers Communications Center at RPI, minutes of meetings, drawings, Taskforce on The Economic Status of Canadian Broadcasting CCOT Intervention.

Kodak Canada Chair

This file contains correspondence, faculty and staff telephone list, drawings, Kodak Canada Chair in Photography Proposed Schedule of Events and Activities, forms, invitations, News Release, financial statements.

Kodak Canada Inc.

This file contains correspondence, list of disc printing equipment and publications offered by Kodak to Ryerson, Proposal for a cooperative agreement between Kodak Canada and RPI prepared by Department of Film and Photography.

External Affairs

This file contains correspondence, Description of the television production facilities of RPI, "The Ryerson Debates" project - A Preliminary Report, The use of satellite delivery systems in education in Canada document, expenses statements.

Ryerson/Ont. Education Comm. Authority Agreement

This file contains correspondence, Brief outline of a strategy for inter-institutional program development, Report of OECA/Colleges Meeting, Ontario Educational Communications Authority Guidelines for Learning System Design, Television and The language acquisition Process prepared by SAGE Managements Consultants, PEAC (Program Evaluation Analysis Computer) documentation.

Ryerson Energy Information Service

This file contains brochures, proposals, Agreement to operate Energy Information Service between Ryerson Energy Centre and the Learning Resource Centre, correspondence, list of books on energy subjects, notes, Ryerson Energy Information Service Planning Document.

Planning group documentation files

This file contains memorandums, membership lists, Promotional Planning Group projects descriptions, Marketing Plan, articles, Questionnaires template, statistical data, and Burson-Marsteller folder including company information and a letter sent to Ms. Gail Scott, Executive Coordinator, Community Relations of RPI.

Pre-School Education files

File contains Pre-School education materials. It includes proposals, purchase requisitions, correspondence, memorandums, and an annual report by the Atkinson Charitable Foundation.

Timetabling files

File contains the timetabling records. It includes correspondence, memorandums, meeting minutes, timetables, reports, diagrams, and floor plans.

Nursing department files

File contains the Nursing department's files. It includes correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, budgets, agendas, membership lists, memorandums, proposals, and agreements.

Home Economics files

File contains the Home Economics department's records. It includes correspondence, staff lists, reports, projections, notices, proposals, clippings, advertisements, photographs, and program descriptions.

Director of Student Affairs files

File contains the Director of Student Affairs' files. It includes correspondence, complaints, a copy of the "THINK" magazine from 1965, briefs, job descriptions, a brochure, event plans, and reports.

Accounting files

File contains account files including correspondence, blank salary schedules and financial statistics, proposals, travel expenses, and an investment schedule.

Placement Office files

File contains Placement Office documents. It includes correspondence, brochures, statistics, memorandums, reports, proposals, a questionnaire, and a student placement handbook.

User Committee files

File contains User Committee files including correspondence and the report "Phase One of the Western Extension Plans".

Counselling Services files

File contains Counselling Services' files. It includes correspondence, apprentice selection tests, reports, clippings, proposals, programme materials, brochures, and published materials.

Safety and Security files

File contains Security Services files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, insurance requirements, tenders for insurance, notes on regulation changes, and an outline specification for security services.

Physical Plant files

File contains the Physical Plant files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, summaries, proposals, material from the project diary for the master plan for Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, reports, notices, and petitions.

Student Services files

File contains Student Services department files. It includes correspondence, agendas, memorandums, "Roomers: The Lost Race of Society", exchange program materials, committee descriptions and listings, and Student Services department listings and flow charts.

College of Heralds files

File contains the College of Heralds' files. It includes correspondence,"Heraldry", "College of Arms - The Heralds and their Functions", and "Wording on Letters Patent".

Ryerson Systems Institute files

File contains Ryerson Systems Institute files. It includes correspondence, a press release, proposals, "Profit Through Computer Education" seminar materials, meeting minutes, budgets and expenditures, salaries, finances, reports, and course evaluations.

Registrar's Office files

File contains the Registrar's Office files. It includes correspondence, memorandums, reports, withdrawals, statistics, schedules, newsletters, and meeting minutes.

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