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F. C. Jorgenson documentation files

File contains F. C. Jorgenson's documentation files. It includes memorandums, correspondence, a curriculum vitae, convocation documents from 1967 to 1969, policies, open letters, reports, the Ryerson Philosophy, drafts, programs, and a photograph.

National Survival Institute files

File contains records related to the National Survival Institute. It includes newsletters, meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, proposals, notices, brochures, publications, plans, reports, surveys, and a poster.

Personnel department files

File contains the personnel department documentation. It includes correspondence, vacancy notices, drafts, a questionnaire, and turnover statistics.

President's Committees documentation files

File contains documentation files from various President's Committees:

  • President's Advisory Committee on Women
  • Presidential Review Committee
  • President's Committee on Education Television
  • President's Committee on Library Development
  • President's Committee on the Trimester System
  • President's Advisory Committee on Priorities
  • President's Advisory Committee on Student Life
  • President's Liaison Committee
  • President's Working Group on Distance Education
  • Principal's Committee on Development of Teaching Competence

Pre-School Education files

File contains Pre-School education materials. It includes proposals, purchase requisitions, correspondence, memorandums, and an annual report by the Atkinson Charitable Foundation.

User Committee files

File contains User Committee files including correspondence and the report "Phase One of the Western Extension Plans".

Student Services files

File contains Student Services department files. It includes correspondence, agendas, memorandums, "Roomers: The Lost Race of Society", exchange program materials, committee descriptions and listings, and Student Services department listings and flow charts.

General files

File contains general files. It includes correspondence, the history of the Ryerson and future projections, summaries, the address "Why Students Rebel", reports, and "The Real Egerton Ryerson" by Howard Adams.

Ryerson Energy Information Service

This file contains brochures, proposals, Agreement to operate Energy Information Service between Ryerson Energy Centre and the Learning Resource Centre, correspondence, list of books on energy subjects, notes, Ryerson Energy Information Service Planning Document.

Ryerson/OECA/Bell Canada Working Group On Telidon

This file contains memorandums, Videotex Proposal, Telidon and Education III - Field trial Proposal, Teliadom Working Group documentation, business cards, PANAVIS (Panasonic Audio Visual Information System) product description and information pamphlet, research proposal for BELL/VISTA Field Trial.

Senior directors presentation - Archives business case

This file consists of two elements. One is a presentation by the University Archivist to a Senior Directors' meeting on the Archives and Records Management Program. The other is a business case prepared by the Archivist on "Additional Staffing Resources", which ensued from the Senior Directors's meeting.

Departmental documentation files

File contains the Purchasing Department's departmental documentation files. It includes vacancy notices, flyers, notices, documents related to the issue of surplus goods, newspaper clippings, and a report on purchasing procedures.

RARL Start-Up & Its Early Years

File contains files from Ryerson Applied Research Limited's start-up and early years. It includes correspondence, memorandums, newsletters, reports, by-laws, budgets, a certificate of incorporation, proposals, meeting minutes, and notices.

Ryerson Ceremonial Mace

  • RG 57.18
  • File
  • 1992-1994
  • Part of Senate

File contains correspondence, proposals, clippings, photographs dealing with the proposed design, funding, background history, miscellaneous documents and photographs of the final creation of a formal Ryerson Ceremonial Mace.

Druzhba Summer Educational Program

Information provided by former co-ordinator of International Students Services department, Margaret Phillips: "The Druzhba program was a one-time event run through Continuing Education with participation from Student Services, Conference Services and Business Management. It was run as an income-generating summer program (an intensive summer residential program).

RIOT Miscellanea

Personal collection of RIOT memorabilia (programs and news clippings) from Fred Hainsworth, 1954 Electrical graduate and retired Maths,Physics,Computer Science faculty member.

ROW Programs

Personal collection of ROW programs from Fred Hainsworth, 1954 Electrical graduate and retired Maths, Physics and Computer Science faculty member.

OCUA Program Evaluations

This file contains one report, "A Proposal for a Mechanism for Funding Degree Programs at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute", as well as discussion papers, correspondence, copies of newspaper clippings, student and employer questionnaires in regard to OCUA program evaluations.

Student application assessment and evaluation process

File contains documentation relating to the student application process: Correspondence to and from applicants. Correspondence regarding special needs applicants. General Correspondence. Examples of testing. Interview schedules. Lists of approvals and considerations, and waiting list. Admissions worksheets with applicants' academic record.

The Hospitality Placement Center

This file contains a 1977 Hospitality Placement Center promotional calendar and three copies of the "Job Seekers Bulletin" - one each for 1970, 1971, and 1973. The job seeker's bulletin features head shots and information about Ryerson Hospitality graduates. The class of 1970 bulletin was published in "Canadian Hotel and Restaurant Magazine" December 15, 1969 edition. These appear to be the pre-cursor to "Face of our Future" graduate publication put out by the school.

Board Elections file

This file contains ballots, nomination and other relevant sample forms, voter and candidate lists and profiles, correspondence, information pamphlets, voter statistics and candidate results.

NOTE: Candidate results are primarily in BOG Elections DocFl

Documentation Files: Board Members

This file contains proposals, memorandums, correspondence, invitations, member list of Committees of the Board, list of external nominees to Board of Governors.

Ryerson/Ont. Education Comm. Authority Agreement

This file contains correspondence, Brief outline of a strategy for inter-institutional program development, Report of OECA/Colleges Meeting, Ontario Educational Communications Authority Guidelines for Learning System Design, Television and The language acquisition Process prepared by SAGE Managements Consultants, PEAC (Program Evaluation Analysis Computer) documentation.

Dean of Applied arts files

RG 103.138.1 BTC 1969
RG 103.138.2 Fashion 1969
RG 103.138.3 Film & Photography/Image Arts 1967-
RG 103.138.4 Graphic Communications Management 1967-
RG 103.138.5 Interior Design 1967-
RG 103.138.6 Journalism 1967-
RG 103.138.7 RTA 1967-
RG 103.138.8 Theatre 1967-
RG 103.138.9 Library Arts 1967-1982
RG 103.138.10 Broadcast Production Course 1966-1968
RG 103.138.11 Communications Dept. 1968-1969
RG 103.138.12 Early Childhood Education 1967-1972
RG 103.138.13 English Department 1967-1969
RG 103.138.14 Food Administration 1970
RG 103.138.15 Home Economics 1967-1972

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