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Darts Club plaque

The plaque records the winners of tournaments held in the Darting Lounge of the Cornucopia Restaurant.

Ryerson Darts Club

Hilton's Virginia Street Casino

File contains three identical prints featuring an image of Hilton's Virginia Street Casino lit up at night. The casino operated from 1955 to 1978 and remained a casino-hotel-resort until 2008 when it opened as The Montage Reno, an upsacale contemporary high rise residential building. A caption included with the photographs reads: "A Reno marquee at night exposed using Ektar 1000 film in a Nikon F 3 camera equipped with a 15 mm Nikkor lens. The exposure was f/8 at 1/125 second."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ryerson Darts Club

  • RG 381
  • Fonds
  • 1980-1987

The trophies and the plaque were awarded at darts tournaments. One trophy is for the Ryerson Alumni dart championship.

Ryerson Darts Club

Darts Club trophies

Trophies awarded at a variety of dart tournaments:

RG 381.01.01 Ryerson Annual Dart Championships 1981/82 - 1986/87. Measures 45cm high x 26cm
RG 381.01.02 Darts Club RPI 1986/87. Second Place League - I Measures 29cm high x 10cm
RG 381.01.03 Darts Club. RPI 1986/87.Men’s Hi Score - 140, Men’s 2nd Indiv. - Measures 18 x 16 x 8 cm
RG 381.01.04 Darts Club RPI 1986-/87. Playoff Champs. The Untouchables. Measures: 37cm high x 9cm base.
RG 381.01.05 Darts Club. RPI 1986/87. Measures 9.5cm high x 7.5cm base.
RG 381.01.06 Darts Club. RPI 1986/87. Measures 9.5cm high x 7.5cm base.

Ryerson Darts Club