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Lampascope Boule

The Lampascope Boule is a circular magic lantern projector with a hole at the base. This consumer lantern was meant to be placed on top of an oil lamp for home use. Lampascope projectors were elaborately painted with bright colours. This lantern is very faded but has remnant of red on the lens, and blue on the chimney.

Auguste Lapierre

Luxembourg Palace, Paris

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold. Handwritten in ink on a sticker on the glass slide is "66. Corridor, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris" in french, and printed on sticker "Oelschlaeger Bros, 88, Fulton Street (New York)." Sticker on the wood frame of a Y. Image is of a corridor inside the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. The corridor is lined with busts.

Peche Interromptue

albumen print mounted on cabinet card with gold border. Depicts a painting of two men and drowned boy in rowboat. Recto caption, top "E. Chigot," bottom: "salon de 1887, Peche Interromptue, A Block, Edit., Paris." Verso caption: "Cette photographie est faite en grande format 24/30c."

Stereographs, France & Martinique

File consists of stereographs depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in France and Martinique, such as scenery, and famous landmarks.

1 stereoscopic photograph by I.G. a Paris
1 stereoscopic photograph by N.C.
1 stereoscopic photograph by International Stereoscopic View Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Universal View Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by B. W. Berry & Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers; 2 in association with James M. Davis
6 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
6 stereoscopic photographs by J. F. Jarvis
7 stereoscopic photographs by Henri Guérard
3 stereoscopic photographs by Alex Fay
11 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
2 stereoscopic photographs by Universal Stereoscopic Co.
12 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Company
11 stereoscopic photographs by J.F.
11 stereoscopic photographs by B.K. Edit
7 stereoscopic photographs by Robinson
1 stereoscopic photograph by H.P.
1 stereoscopic photograph by CAM
1 stereoscopic photograph by Baptiste Guérard
1 stereoscopic photograph by M. Leon & J. Levy
1 stereoscopic photograph by Forsyth and Wlison
1 stereoscopic photograph by Henriot
2 stereoscopic photographs by A. Braun
2 stereoscopic photographs by G.A.F
1 stereoscopic photograph by W. England
1 stereoscopic photograph by H. C. White Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by A. G. Berlin-Steglitz
79 stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers


A hand-cranked 35 mm and small glass slide projector. This cinematograph was made after 1908 by the limited company Société Anonyme des Etablissements Demaria - Lapierre, when the two Lapierre brothers were obliged to amalgamate with the photographic manufacturer Jules Demaria. Cinematographs always had the ability to show loops, film strips from which the begin and end were glued together. For this purpose the upper reel was mounted above the apparatus on an extending bar. Longer films could also be showed but since there was not take-up reel the film would fall onto the floor or in a bag. The intermittent film transport was brought about by a rotating buckled rod that repeatedly struck the film down.

Auguste Lapierre