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University Information Fair: Ryerson Display

Ryerson's information booth at the University Information Fair held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was assembled in sections: 7 colour photo panels, measuring 8' x 3' were shot and arranged to present a panoramic campus scene of the Victoria/Gould Sts. area. 2 black and white information panel/signs were also included.

Catalogue: Living Picture/them(selves)

File contains a catalogue of the video installation them(selves) by Sylvie Blocher. The residency of Sylvie Blocher and the exhibition was a collaboration with the School of Image Arts at Ryerson, the Art Gallery of York University, and the Association française d'action artistique.

Energy Fair

This file contains Energy fair, and education project summary, poster.

Superbuild City Hall display

Thirteen foam core posters produced to be shown together as a display celebrating the history and future of Ryerson. Panels detail various eras in Ryerson's history. Also includes a small amount of textual records (correspondence, notes) detailing the City hall super build display.

Maximum Exposure and year end show materials

File contains materials from Maximum Exposure, the year end festival and exhibition of work by students in the School of Image Arts. It includes pamphlets, brochures, programs, posters, cards, presentation folders, and photographic prints.

Photographic display materials

Series contains various foam cores that were generated and used in displays featuring Ryerson archival images. Series also contains plaques of enlargements of the Ryersonian newspaper.

Display photographs

Sixteen items mounted on foam-core and 1 coloured illustration cardboard dealing with patents, black & white photographs of staff, promotional literature, copies of patents, the opening of the Ryerson/U of. T. Hypersonic Impulse Tunneland the Ryerson Road Safety Research Team.

Documentation and arrangement - exhibits and displays

File contains:
RG 149.9.1 Library, 1982
RG 149.9.2 Homecoming, 1983
RG 149.9.3 Bicentennial, 1984 - includes model in reading room. The scale model was researched and constructed by Architecture students Robert Smith, Richard Zoltek and Ed Nicoluccci under the supervision of the faculty member, Bob Greenberg. The model was a highlight of the Ryerson Archives’ Ontario Bicentennial display held in the Olive Baker Lounge in October, 1984. From 1980 to 1995, the model was on display in the lobby of the 13th floor in Jorgenson Hall. The model was removed to the Archives in January, 1995, while the display case/unit and the ‘landscaping base’ were sent to the School of Architecture. The latter was transferred to the Archives in March, 1996.
RG 149.9.4 Oakham House, 1984
RG 149.9.5 Eric Palin - CATE opening, 1985
RG 149.9.6 National Universities week, 1985
RG 149.9.7 Normal School, 1986
RG 149.9.8 TAAG, 1986
RG 149.9.9 40th anniversary and homecoming, 1988

Polaroid Camera Accessory Kit

Item is a Polaroid accessory kit that comes in a hinged display box. Kit includes #111 tripod mount, #112 remote shutter button, # 113 accessory holder, #120 lens shade and # 121 close-up lens flash diffuser. Compatible with non-sonar model SX-70 cameras.