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Proceedings of a board of the chemical warfare service appointed for the purpose of investigating conditions incident to the disaster at the Cleveland hospital clinic, Cleveland, Ohio on May 15, 1929

Item is an illustrated report. Marginalia indicates the user of the report sought information on risks associated with cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate film.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Edmund Fitzgerald Sub Int #1

This tape contains unedited, underwater footage of the Edmund Fitzgerald from a camera mounted on a submersible. The pilot house and ship's bell feature predominantly.

MacInnis, Joseph B.

Edmund Fitzgerald Sub Int #4

This tape contains unedited footage of the Edmund Fitzgerald wreck from a camera mounted on a submersible. The submersible travels over the debris field and port side of the pilot house.

MacInnis, Joseph B.

CBS Morning News : Joseph MacInnis

The news segment is of a CBS Morning News inteview of MacInnis conducted by Diane Sawyer. The interview discusses a diving team, lead by MacInnis, searching for and investigating the Breadalbane shipwreck. The Breadalbane sank in 1853 when it beca...

CBS Television Network

Edmund Fitzgerald Reel #12

This tape consists of unedited underwater footage of the Edmund Fitzgerald wreck, captured with a video camera mounted on a submersible. The Edmund Fitzgerald's wheel house and debris in the wheel house area, the port side of her hull, her pr...

MacInnis, Joseph B.

CTV News Library Dub: 2 stories from CTV news.

Two CTV news segments of the expedition to find the Titanic wreckage. 1) Sep 2/85 St. John's: Titanic Seen/Gage. This segment discusses the American research ship "Nor" in the north Atlantic Ocean searching for the Titanic. Black &a...

CTV Television Network

Titanic News & Shows [various news broadcast clips]

A series of news recordings and shows that discuss the recent discovery of the Titanic by a Franco-American team led by Jean Louis Michel and Robert Ballard in 1985. Some of the topics discussed are: the challenges of discovering the Titanic, the ...

MacInnis, Joseph B.

Return to the Titanic - live from Paris [Tape 1 of 2]

A documentary that covers many aspects of the Titanic legacy beginning at the ships conception and ending with artifacts recovered from the wreck. The topics also cover differing theories of loss, interviews with survivors and the technology invol...

MacInnis, Joseph B.

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