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Miscellaneous Newpapers and Magazines

Samples of newspapers and magazine used by retired faculty member Mel (M.M.) Johnston, as a teaching aid, during his tenure at Ryerson. These samples include:

  1. The Public Ledger (Philadelphia), Vol. 1 #1, March 25, 1836, 26 x 39cm.
  2. Scientific American Supplement No. 17, Week ending April 22, 1876, 29 x 40cm.
  3. The Virgina Gazette, Number 14, From March 30 to April 6, 1951, 32 x 45cm.

Supportive Housing Task group papers

The Supportive Housing Task Group were responsible for the organization and implementation of a course series "Supportive Housing Management" through Ryerson's Continuing Education division. Material consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings of the Supportive Housing Task Group, proposed courses, brochures and pamphlets regarding course series.

Motion Picture Photography

File contains materials for the Motion Picture Photography course. Files include various texts, course syllabus, exams, and projects.

PTZ 021 Theory of Photographic Systems

File contains textual records of class materials for PTZ 021 Theory of Photographic Systems when taught by H. Westerblom. File includes a photographs of students, exams, class lists, projects, reports, and lesson materials.

SPT 011 Still Photograph Studies

File contains textual records of class materials for SPT 011 Still Photograph Studies. File includes photographs of students, exams, readings, projects, reports, and lesson materials.

Trimester system

This file contains correspondence, Trimester phasing-out charts, Recommendations of the Committee to study the trimester system in the Technology Department, minutes of meetings, Faculty Attitudes to the Trimester System report.

Course information

File contains a listing third-sixth semester courses offered during the 1970-1971 school year, and instructions to 2nd year students wanting to study french during the 1977-1978 school year.

Program description and course outlines

File consists of two program descriptions for the Library Arts Department Program and an announcement for evening courses. Course outlines include two different outlines for LBY 011 ; LBY 013 ; LBY 014 ; LBY 022 ; LBY 105 ; and one for for LBY 012 and LBY 021.

Labour Studies

This file contains correspondence and reports on Labour Studies at post- secondary institutions.

Music Department

This file contains the hiring information, course information, budgetary information , and correspondence in regard to the Music Department.

5/3rds Rule

This file contains correspondence and reports in regard to the 5/3 and 3/3 course load distinction, also described as "degree level" and "diploma level".

Course Preparation Notes

Hand-written notes prepared for course lectures on matters relating mainly to philosophy, sociology, and social issues. The notes were organized into 46 file folders based on subject matter and original order.

CVL 011 course materials

Sub-series contains course outlines, tests, exams, and instructor notes from the CVL 011 course taught by Professor Werner Barth. They have been divided by chapter, by unit, or by date.

CVL 011 - Undated

File contains materials relating to the CVL 011 course. Included are an undated course syllabi and Enrichment and Extension questions.

Course notes and outlines

RG 646.2.1 ADA Programming for Atlantis Aerospace Corporation, 1993
RG 646.2.2 C & Unix for Noranda, 1989
RG 646.2.3 CATIA Seminar, 1991
RG 646.2.4 Computer-Aided Engineering, 1986
RG 646.2.5 E-Mail/Internet Training to CATE/CSCA Staff, 1995
RG 646.2.6 GD&T for de Havilland, 1995
RG 646.2.7 Industrial Applications of Expert Systems, 1987
RG 646.2.8 Introduction to COBOL for CP Rail, 1993/94
RG 646.2.9 Just-in-Time Manufacturing, 1985 & 1987
RG 646.2.10 Management Seminar Series for Supreme Casting & Tooling, 1991
RG 646.2.11 MS/DOS Maintenance Seminar for Ontario Hydro, 1988
RG 646.2.12 Overview of Optical Fiber Communication, 1986
RG 646.2.13 Applied Robotics, 1985 & 1986
RG 646.2.14 SWF Auto-Electric Customized Production Skills Course, n.d.
RG 646.2.15 Vision Systems, 1985
RG 646.2.16 Local Area Network in the Factory Environment, n.d.
RG 646.2.17 Engineering: the Job and the Person, n.d.
RG 646.2.18 Decision Support Systems, n.d.
RG 646.2.19 Inventory & MRP, n.d.
RG 646.2.20 Photonics: Laser Fundamentals & Applications, n.d.
RG 646.2.21 Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Systems, n.d.
RG 646.2.22 Financial CIM, n.d.
RG 646.2.23 Coherent Light & Holography, 1985 and Fibre Optic Transmission Systems - Applications and Design Studies
RG 646.2.24 Manufacturing Information for Databases for CIM, 1986