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Computing and Communications Services

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In 1963 Ryerson's first computer, an IBM 1620 was installed and in 1966 Daisy (Directy Access Information System) Ryerson's first general purpose computer, an IBM 360 model 30, was installed. On April 10, 1974 Ryerson and York University's joint computing centre (YRCC) opened at the Keele Street Campus of York – Ryerson uses Ryerson Computing Centre (RCC) in Kerr Hall to talk to mainframe. Bruce H. Miller was hired as the Managing Director of YRCC, and Ian Taylor as the Director of the RCC. In 1978 the Ryerson Computer Planning Group established. Mitch Kallaur started as acting director of the RCC and Ian Taylor as the managing director of YRCC in 1980. In 1981 a word processor was purchased for the computing centre and RISIS II (Ryerson Integrated Student Information System), a centralized registration for day, night, and continuing education students, was installed. In 1982 IBM and Ryerson entered cooperative agreement to modernize the computing centre – IBM gave $3.7 million and Ryerson matched it with $4.3 million, and Architects Lett/Smith design a $1 million renovation of Kerr Hall West space, funded by a grant from the Federal Government's Skills Growth fund. Academic computing became a functional unit at the same level as administrative computing in 1982 and the RCC was re-organized two divisions – administrative computing services and computing support services (which included academic user services, operations and technical support) – to four: administrative computing services, academic support, technical support, and operations. Also in 1982 Marg Alliston was hired as the Director of the RCC. In 1983 a computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) facility opened at Ryerson. A computing information centre was opened to provide students with computing help and the academic computing information system opened to provide faculty with computing help.
Also in 1983, the York-Ryerson computing agreement cancelled by Ryerson’s Board of Governors.
In 1985, John Johnston was hired as the director of the RCC and IBM furnished upgraded computer equipment for the RCC. In 1986 the centralized word processing centre was closed because departments were purchasing their own computers. This prompted the Communication Engineering Services (CES) to integrate into the Computing Centre to form the Computing and Communications Service (CCS) department. Units under the new department were: RISIS, Academic Computing Services, Technical Computing Services, Communication Services and Application Control, and Broadcast Systems. John Johnston becomes Director of the new department. In Kerr Hall South, the Administrative Computing Information Centre opened in Rm 355A. Morven Wilson became the Director of CCS in 1988. In 1989 BITNET/NETWORTH allows Ryerson students to send email and files globally. In 1991 the old computer punch cards are retired. Randy Patch becomes the Acting Manager of Academic Computing Services, and under his leadership the Computer Support Centre was formed - consolidating the Academic Computing Information Centre and the Administrative Information Centre. In 1992 a Systems Committee was formed to assess Ryerson's academic computing needs for the next five years. In 1993, some functions of CCS were moved to the basement of the Library Building, using funding provided by the Provincial Government, and servers replaced mainframe computers.
The Ryerson calendar became available on the internet through Gopher, Ryerson became part of the University Space Network (USN), a virtual university of space studies, and full time students get internet access in 1994. Renee Lemieux becomes acting director of CCS and the world wide web becomes available at Ryerson in 1995. In 1996 Computing and Communications Services was reorganized: Academic Teaching and Technology Support (under new manager), Administrative Information and Technology Support (under Larry Lemieux), Communications Technology Support (under Renee Lemieux). In 2001 wireless internet access became available and by 2003 email was required for students. In 2007 virtual applications program launched – access to MS Office, Adobe programs etc, and CCS had virtualized most of its servers.


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