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Communism Soviet Union

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Communism Soviet Union

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Communism Soviet Union

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Our Ilyich

Two sets of 12 posters, each set is missing poster 10 and has a duplicate of poster 9 instead. The posters illustrate the timeline of Lenin's life, with subjects including: The Ulyanov Family, Childhood and Youth, For the Happiness of the Peo...

Andrusych, Nina Oleksiyivna

The truth of history - the source of our strength

One poster enveloped in plastic wrap with foam core backing, and two loosely rolled posters, show the image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin with writing in black and white with red background. Image of Lenin is pixelated resembling a newspaper. image. H...

Avvakumov, M.

large green postage stamp album

Green hardcover album with black cardboard pages. Cover bears a gold symbol of postage stamp with inuit and caribou. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The album holds at least one hundred Soviet stamps, many bearing the im...

grey postage stamp album

Grey cardboard album with grey plastic cover. Cover is decorated with several children's stickers. Pages have plastic strips to hold postage stamps and FDCs in place. Each page contains approximately 6-12 postage stamps, many bearing the imag...

Set of Matrioshkas painted with Soviet political figures

Painted wooden nesting or Matrioshkas dolls of Russian Communist leaders. Mikhail Gorbachev is the first and largest doll, inside which in succession are the leaders: Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir I...

Scrapbook about Lenin

Scrapbook with hand written text, compositioned with glued photographs of Lenin and printed text. There is a separate letter written in Russian by a pioneer dated May 20, 1970. It was written in Gera, Germany. The pioneer is grateful for the parce...

McLenin t-shirt

Large grey t-shirt with red square and McDonald's arches in which the face of Vladimir Illyich Lenin appears, with writing that reads McLenin's. On verso more writing in red with the sickle and hammer in a star. Verso reads: The party is...

Flags series

Series consists of flags and banners, very similar in style, often awarded in competition and sometimes titled a flag.

Best worker red velvet banner with yellow tassels

Rectangular red velvet banner with yellow tassels shows image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin in a white square with yellow writing. On verso, yellow writing and image of globe, hammer and sickle and wreath of wheat stalks. Recto reads: To the best worker.

Red flag with yellow tassels

Large red velvet flag with yellow tassels and gold embroidered letters and portrait of Lenin on one side, and quilted crest of globe, wheat and hammer and sickle on the other. Verso reads: Under the banner of Marxism-Leninism, under the guidance o...

Red Socialist competition flag with yellow tassels

Large red velvet flag with yellow tassels and gold painted letters on front and back. Images of wheat, hammer & sickle, globe and Lenin's portrait. Recto reads: Proletariat of all countries, unite! The banner of the highest rates in the s...

Best Young Pioneers/October Musical Group banner

Rectangular red nylon banner with yellow tassels and hanger with gold writing and crests on front an back. Crest includes imagery of hammer and sickle, star, horns (musical instruments), three flames and wheat. On recto, the Young Pioneers logo fe...

Winner in Socialist Competition banner

Rectangular red crushed velvet banner with yellow tassels, shows portrait image of Vladimir Illyich Lenin surrounded by a white circle. On one banner beneath Lenin it reads: Winner in Socialist Competition. (There are no words on the other banner.)

KGB t-shirt

Large white t-shirt with red writing on it, and coat of arms, laurel, sickle and hammer. On verso, wreath of laurels with star, globe with hammer and sickle and rising sun. More writing. Recto reads: KGB USSR. Verso reads in the different language...

Woven rug of Lenin's profile

Woven rug of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's profile in brown, beige, black and white. Writing on verso. Pieces of white paper adhered to verso.

Tapestry of Lenin's 100th anniversary

Tapestry of Vladimir Illyich Lenin's 100th Anniversary 1870-1970 shows his profile woven into the material, with the dates below and intricate design on borders. Rich dark colours. Tapestry has hooks to hang. Writing on verso.

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