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Academic Steering Committee on the Credit System

  • RG 57.11
  • File
  • 1968-1969
  • Part of Senate

For several years Academic Council had been interested inconsidering the feasibility of a credit system but no serious study was undertaken because of the volume of work it represented and the complexity of the situation. In the Spring of 1969 the consulting firm, Woods, Gordon & Co. was engaged to study the problem. As a result a Steering Committee was formed under the chairmanship of Dean Charles Temple and a number of sub-committees, including one on policy chaired by Dorothy Rowles.The records received through this accession have been arranged under one collection record but have been placed in separate files according to committee: Credit System Steering Committee; Records Steering Committee; and the Scheduling Steering Committee who made recommendations to a sub-committee (The Policy Committee) for presentation to Academic Council and the Board of Govenors.

Student Activities Committee records

File consists of correspondence, plans, and reports from the student union's Blue and Gold Society regarding orientation and dances, primarily the location of dances in the gymnasium vs. the Great Hall.

Constitution Committee/Business Administration Dept.*

A.1984-069A.1999-053Documentation from Jacek Kryt (chairman of the committee - DPG area) has been physically incorporated into the existing collection: 154-3 (Business Management Group). Mr. Kryt provided a chronological list of the documents he turned over to the Archives (see Accession Record A.1999-053 for list).

Appeals committee records

  • RG 57.35
  • File
  • 1983-1985
  • Part of Senate

File contains minutes, reports and documentation regarding some appeals filed by students during this period of time.

Research Mandate Committee

Series contains materials relating to the Research Mandate Committee established by the Vice President, Academic in November 1990. Files within the series contain: the final report, correspondence, studies, minutes, bibliographic documentation and clippings.

Applied Research Committee

  • RG 57.48
  • File
  • 1979-1980
  • Part of Senate

Committee appointed by and responsible to the Academic Council of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

Faculty Meeting records

File contains the faculty meeting records from 1974 onwards of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Nursing department. It includes correspondence, meeting minutes, drafts, reports, summaries of planned activities and resource requirements, bachelors information, committee listings.

Management Committee records

File contains the Management Committee records. It includes meeting minutes, drafts and proposals, correspondence, evaluations, job descriptions, definitions of curriculum, and documents pertaining to the degree in nursing.

School Council records

File contains the School Council records. It includes listings of the departmental council standing committees, reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, proposed changes, policies and procedures, forms, drafts, education models, announcements, Nursing News publication, and regulations.

Psychiatric Nursing Advisory Committee records

The file consists of minutes of meetings, proposed course description, and correspondence related to the one-semester specialist post-diploma course, started in 1968 and the expansion to a two-semester programme in 1970. Both granted a certificate upon completion.

Executive Committee records

File contains the Ryerson Staff Association's executive committee records. It includes correspondence, questionnaires, survey results, membership lists, presentations, and drafts.

Recreation Committee records

File contains the Ryerson Staff Association's recreation committee records. It includes committee reports, flyers, recreation club and program booklets, newsletter clippings, correspondence, drafts, brochures, and a copy of the vita parcours.

President's Commission on Educational Television report

File contains records related to the President's Commission on Educational Television report. It includes correspondence, drafts, television workshop plans, publications, architectural drawings of TV studios, and a final report on "Planning for Educational Television at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute".

Homophobia and Heterosexism Issues Advisory Committee records

File contains the Homophobia and Heterosexism Issues Advisory Committee records. It includes the committee's terms of reference, correspondence, a questionnaire, and a copy of "Prejudice to Pride - Attitudes Related to Homophobia & Heterosexism within the Ryerson Community: A Quantitative Study".

Management Committee executive records

File contains the Management Committee's executive records. It includes meeting minutes, correspondence, statements, agendas, proposals, architectural drawings, brochures, reports, institutional costs, projections, and budgets.

President's Task Force on Instructional Communications Equipment - Cyclical Replacement Program

Minutes, reports and correspondence relating to the President's Cyclical Equipment Replacement Program, as received by O. Von Boegen, committee member and head of Purchasing. Material includes minutes of the Committee from 1977-1979, an interim report dated April 25, 1977, a final report dated February, 1978 and a report entitled, "Pilot Project - Stage One, The objectives of the Task Force were to examine the lack of a firm policy and time frames for the cyclical replacement of instructional communications equipment within the Institute and to recommend an appropriate policy and program to remedy the situation.

CESAR General Meeting records

  • RG 24.16
  • File
  • 1979-1980
  • Part of CESAR

File contains the Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson (CESAR) general meeting records. It includes meeting minutes, instructor course evaluation materials, agendas, flyers, forms, agreements, reports, a proposal, and a Provincial Co-ordinators' Handbook.

CESAR Review Committee report

  • RG 24.18
  • File
  • 1980
  • Part of CESAR

File contains the CESAR Review Committee report on the question," Are you in favour of a Ryerson Continuing Education Student Association at a cost of $2.00 per course, such a fee to be added to the course fee?"

President's Council records

File contains the President's Council records. It includes reports from the president, correspondence, agendas, a listing of the council members, and meeting minutes. It also includes reports on the Trimester system.

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