Ficheiro 2010.003.03.076 - CODA - The Canadian Jazz Magazine

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CODA - The Canadian Jazz Magazine

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  • 1961-1963 (Produção)
    Sampson, Paddy

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1.0 cm of textual records.

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Robert J. (Paddy) Sampson (known as "Jim" to his family) was born in Belfast, Ulster, June 18 1926. Sampson joined the Royal Navy at only 15 by lying about his age and was stationed in the Pacific during the Second World War. It was during this time that he got his nickname, "Paddy". After the war, Sampson began working in London theatres as a lighting director but soon moved to Canada and began working at the CBC in 1952. Though he began as a stage hand, he began producing and directing in short time, and worked with the public broadcaster for over 30 years. Some of the notable programs he worked on include "Program X" and the renowned hour long 1966 music special, "The Blues". Sampson married Bette Laderoute in 1969. He retired from the CBC in 1985, but returned to produce the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies for the 1988 Calgary Olympics. He also worked as an actor, appearing in a small role in the iconic Canadian film "Strange Brew", credited as "pensioner". Paddy Sampson moved to Port Hope in 1999, where he lived until his passing in 2005.

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Âmbito e conteúdo

File contains three copies of CODA-The Canadian Jazz Magazine (May 1961, November 1962 and January 1963). CODA was founded in Toronto in May 1958 and is one of the longest continuously running music magazines in Canada and the oldest Jazz magazine in the country. CODA is published six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November. In the May issue there is a paragraph titled "Suite for Jazz Quintet & Orchestra -Junior Magazine" (pg. 4). There is an annotation with "Paddy" next to the title. The article is about the "CBC's Junior Magazine on April 16th [1961] presented a program of contrast in music with Louis Applebaum moderating." It is a good review of the program. In the November issue there is a short paragraph the gives a bad review of the CBC's choice to show "Tongues of Brass" on New Year's Eve, a night typically reserved for " the most insignificant and unimportant programs- not something that has every indication of being high quality" (p. 8). This paragraph is circled in blue pen. The January 1963 issue contains a half-page article covering the "Tongues of Brass - C.B.C. TV December 31st". Despite the November 1962 article that expressed disappointment about the program's air time provides the show with a very positive review. The opening lines read, " Every once in a while jazz gets presented properly on TV. This was one of those occasions" (p. 4). The production received particular positive review, "Both the camera work and sound were excellent...This was one of the best jazz shows to have been shown on Canadian television. Everyone deserves credit foot a fine production" (p. 4).

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There is a CBC transmittal form attached to the cover of the January 1963 issue to show that Paddy originally sent this copy to Norm Chamberlain on January 17th with the comment, "Herewith the CODA magazine please return when you have stated- TA, Paddy. Chamberlain later forwarded it back to Paddy adding the note "With Thanks".

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