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[Portrait of two men outdoors]

Item is an umounted portrait of two men in suits and hats, sitting on rocks outdoors. Not studio setting. Man on left holds a cane with both hands resting on it, with a ring on his finger, cigar in his mouth, chain watch, suit with vest and tie and hat. Man on right sits with legs crossed, one hand in his pocket and other across his lap, cigar in mouth and suit with vest and tie and chain watch and hat.

[Portrait of two men with a book]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men. One on right is wearing a top hat (tilted to left side), with a black suit and striped pants. He has a big handlebar moustach, cigar in his mouth, open book in his lap and his legs are crossed. The man on the left has a cigar in his mouth, and is wearing a hat, with black suite. His legs are crossed and both hands rest on his lap, with his left arm resting on a table. Both their cheeks are tinted pink.