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Diplomas/Degrees/Certificates: Sample Boards

Two display boards, presented to the Board Of Governors, with samples of Ryerson certificates, diplomas and degrees. One board has samples of documents from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and the other board presents samples of documents under the Ryerson Polytechnic University status.

Diploma, certificate, and degree samples

Samples of Ryerson official certificates presented to graduating students.The collection consists of samples of certificates from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and Ryerson Polytechnic University. The certificates are:
Ryerson Polytechnical Institute: Certificate Diploma Diploma With Honours Degree Degree With Honours
Ryerson Polytechnic University:Certificate Diploma Diploma With Honours Degree Degree With Honours
All but one sample have the Ryerson Seal affixed.

Academy Award For Technical Achievement certificate

"Technical Achievement Award" issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to Frieder Hochheim, Gary Swink, Dr. Joe Zhou and Don Northrup "for the development of the Kino Flo Portable, Flicker Free, High Output Fluorescent Lighting System for motion picture set illumnication." The Kino Flo system is described on the award as providing "high-output, flicker-free, color-corrected flurescent light to match 3200K or daylight" and as incorporating "remote ballasting" and making "available very flexible, compact, portable set lighting fixtures." The Award was presented on March 4, 1995 and is signed by Arthur Hiller, President of the Academy. Frieder Hochheim (Photo Arts '77) invented the system that "revolutionized lighting in the motion picture and imaging industry" and led the team that won the Academy Award

[Portrait of man and woman]

Item is an unmounted portrait of a man seated and a woman standing with her left arm resting on back of his chair. There is a table in front of her, beside him with a book on it. She also holds a book, that is resting on the table. She wears a hat and shirtwaist with buttons, the sleeves are puffy which are in keeping with fashion of the 1890s. She wears a brooch at her neck. He is sitting with his legs crossed, his body rurned away from the camera, but his face looking right at camera. He holds a scroll in his hand, and wears a sash of somesort across his chest. He looks very pleased with himself. Both their cheeks are tinted pink. Top corners angled off, and bottom edge is curved.

Rochester Institute of Technology course completion card

Item is a course completion card for A.J. Orr in quality control for the chemical industries. It reads: "Rochester Institute of Techonolgy / EVENING AND EXTENSION DIVISION / THIS CERTIFICATE INDICATES THAT / [inscribed in blue ink] A. J. Orr / HAS COMPLETED THE COURSE IN / [inscribed in blue ink] Quality Control of the Chemical Industries". It is signed by President Mark Ellingson and Director Burton C. Stratton and dated 1951-52.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Miscellaneous Awards, Honours, Certifications

01 Enginneering Institute Of Canada, 1966 02 American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, 1980 03 The Canadian Society For Mechanical Engineering, 1971 04 The Institution Of Mechanical Engineeres, 1956 05 McGill University, 1973 06 EIC General Members Society, 1988 07 Canadian Society For Mechanical Engineering, 1987 08 The New York Academy Of Sciences, 1972 09 Oshawa Flying Club, 1971 10 Corporation Of Engineers Of Quebec, 1968 11 The Students' union Of Rerson Polytechnical Institute, 1974 12 Royal Society For The Encouragement Of Arts, Manufactures And Commerce, 197213 Association Of Professional Engineers Of The Province Of Ontario, 1971 14 Corporation Of Professional Engineers Of Quebec, 1948 15 The Royal Aeronautical Society, 1945 LOCATION: MC2.04 CONSERVATION: Many of the above items were removed from frames.