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Cameras ; Photography-equipment and supplies

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Cameras ; Photography-equipment and supplies

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Cameras ; Photography-equipment and supplies

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Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600 camera

Item is an automatic point and shoot camera with built in flash for use with 110 film. A slide on the top of the camera allows the lens to switch form "normal" (22mm) to "tele" (44mm) functionality.

Graflex RB Series D

The Graflex RB is a single-lens reflex camera, the last of the family of field cameras known as "Graflex cameras", in contrast to the "Graphic" Graflex cameras. This model was produced between 1928-1947. It features a rotating ...

Nikon Coolpix P90

The Nikon Coolpix P90 is the successor to the P80 and was replaced after a year of production by the P100. I had a plastic body in matte and gloss textures and rubberized grip. It is a 12-megapixel CCD digital camera with a fixed 24× Zoom Nikkor E...

Nikon Coolpix 4300

The Nikon Coolpix 4300 is a digital camera that was made by Nikon. The camera has a compact, smooth, all-plastic body with a matte-silver finish. It was regarded as a moderately high-end point and shoot camera, although it also had manual exposure...

Konica MT-9

Three MT series cameras, the MT-7, MT-9, and MT-11, were introduced in 1986 by Konica. The MT-9 was more advanced to operate than the MT-7 but simpler than the MT-11. It has an autofocus 35mm lens (f/3.5, Tessar-style 4 elements in 3 groups) and a...

Wood camera frame

Camera is made of wood: a two-part hinged frame supports a hinged lens assembly and hinged contact frame. The lens assembly includes a leather and felt lens cap. There is also a metal-ringed glass lens and a small metal key loose inside the camera...

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