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Spain album

Brown/maroon bound cover labeled "6". Notations in pencil. Photographs are mounted behind window-cutouts on the pages. Some photographs quite faded.

Locations include: Granada, Alhambra, Algeciras, Spain; Scheveningen, Netherlands; Southamphton, England.
Sites include: Rio Genil, Puerta de Elvira, Rio Frio, S.S. Olympic.

Themes include: portraits, scenic views, bullfighting, ships, sailing.

Kodak promotional images of bullfighting, fishing, football and nature

File contains promotional images of various sporting and nature activities, including fishing, bull fighting, a deer in a sunset, baby birds in a nest, a white dove, a dog looking through a hole in a fence, a deer and fawn, and football. Most images are of bull fighting. One caption included with a bull fighting image reads: "When a camera incorporates a motor drive as the new Kodak's 300MD does, it only seems right to explore the potential in a series of pictures."

Kodak Canada Inc.

Grand and Central America tour album

Black cover and pages.Album manufactured in New York by F.L. Schafuss & Co. Photographs glued in. Handwritten notations in black ink. Includes panoramic photographs and one navigational chart for sailing. Some loose photographs.

Photographs are travel snapshots from a cruise aboard the S.S. Vigilancia, a steamship that traveled from New York to Vera Cruz, Mexico. There are photographs of the popular sites and activities in Cuba, Bahamas and Mexico, including bullfighting, shoe shining, street scenes, cattle ranches, restaurants, mahogany, rubber, cocoa and banana trees, canoeing, vendors, Pico de Orizaba, markets. cathedrals, monuments, etc.
Other notable photographs are of the interior of The Grand Hotel, Wreck of the USS Maine at Havana, Monument to Cubans executed by the Spanish at Fort Cabana, ox-carts, and horse-drawn trams. Photographs taken at The Sequential Great Bull Fight, Havana. Vera City Mexico, Frontera Tobasco Mexico, Monte Cristo, Balancan, San Carlos, Santa Margarita, Vega Canal, Calle de Mayo and Mexico City.

Stereographs, Leisure

File contains a group of stereographs that depict scenes of people engaged in leisure and sporting events (swimming, bullfighting, circus).

5 Stereoscopic Photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
8 Stereoscopic Photographs by Underwood & Underwood
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by J. F. Jarvis
6 Stereoscopic Photographs by Keystone View Co.
2 Stereoscopic Photographs by Kilburn Brothers
5 Stereoscopic Photographs by H. C. White Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Carlyle
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by T. Eaton Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by F. F. Doherty
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Ingersoll View Co.
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by John A. Larrabee
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by Liberty Brand-Stereo Views
1 Stereoscopic Photograph by S. F. Adams
1 Stereoscopic photograph by W. Tylar
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Young People's Missionary Movement
26 Stereoscopic Photographs by unidentified publishers