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Bermuda Sub-Dive, Emory Eugene Shark Baiting

Unedited live action footage of six-gill sharks attempting to get at bait in a cage. The recording climaxes when two six-gill sharks fight mouth to mouth. The recording also includes other types of deep ocean animal life like crabs, eels and/or fish and an unidentified translucent creature. The recording is shot from the Mir 1 submersible as documented in Deep Sea Sharks Bermuda 4,000, an edited and produced version of this recording.

Glen Warren Productions

[The Beebee Project]

Three sections are featured on this videotape. The first two sections are a documentary of two expeditions that takes place in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Bermuda. The first expedition features Eugenie Clark and Emory Kristof as they dive 1 1/2 miles deep to the ocean floor to study and record the six-gill shark, a relatively recently discovered shark that lives deep in the ocean. With the aid of bait the team and discovers that this part of the ocean floor is not as barren of animal life as once thought, and that the six-gill shark is probably both predator and scavenger to be able to live at these depths. The second expedition features a team of scientists as they dive 3000 feet deep into to mid-waters to record the bizarre and unusual sea life found at these lightless depths. The expeditions are referred to as the Beebee Project, in homage of the important discoveries made by William Beebee and Otis Barton, pioneer underwater explorers. The third section is raw footage of Joe MacInnis doing takes for presentations about undersea explorations and the human condition.

MacInnis, Joseph B.