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[Jerry Sachs and Al Corbett in Sports Uniform]

Item consists of 15 black and white photographs. The photographs are of two young men engaging in different sports. According to the handwritten captions on the back of the photographs, two of these men are Jerry Sachs and Al Corbett. The photographs show the men posing in different athletic uniforms. Boxing, baseball and basketball are some of the sports the men are engaging in.

Rams mens basketball team photographs

Team photographs of the Ryerson Rams Men's Basketball team.

RG 1957-58 (2 copies)
RG 1963-64 (2 copies)
RG ca. 1977
RG 1956-57
RG 1959-60 (3 copies)
RG 1950
RG 1958-59 (2 copies)
RG ca. 1977
RG 1979
RG 1962-63
RG 1951-1952
RG 1953 (2 copies)

On back of one of the copies of the 1953 men's basketball team photo is a photograph of the Ryerson Rams men's football team (RG

Ramettes, Ryettes, and Lady Rams basketball team photographs

Various team photographs of the Ryettes and Lady Rams basketball teams between 1952-1974.

RG 1957-1958 (2 copies)
RG 1970s
RG 1954-1955 (2 copies)
RG 1952
RG 1953
RG 1959-1960
RG 1956-1957
RG 1958-1959
RG 1970-1971 (photocopy)
RG 1973-1974
RG 1955 -1956 Intercollegiate Intermediate champs

Women's basketball warm-up jacket

Ryerson Rams women's basketball warm up jacket. Jacket is polyester mesh, collared and short sleeved with zipper closure. Top of jacet is white and bottom is blue with white, gold, and blue accenting. "Ryerson Basketball" and a ram's head is on the upper front left side. The back says "Ryerson" in blue and gold.

Basketball uniform

Complete uniform including a warm-up jersey, shorts, and jersey.

RG - shorts: Size 31 nylon shorts in blue and gold
RG - jersey - Size L nylon sleeveless jersey in gold with blue around neck and arm holes and down sides. "RAMS 22" on front in blue and "22" on back in blue.
RG - warm up jersey - Size XL nylon short sleeved shirt in gold with blue and white accenting. "Ryerson Basketball" in blue and white on front left side with a rams head. Back of jersey says "Ryerson" in blue and white.