Baseball players



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Baseball players

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Baseball players

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Baseball players

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They played ball and ate chicken

Item consists of a photograph mounted on grey card of a baseball team arranged in four rows, the first three sitting or kneeling. Handwritten (on the negative), "THEY PLAYED BALL (?) AND ATE CHICKEN/ AUG. 27TH 1908". At bottom left, also written on the negative, "PHOTO BY CHURCHILL".


[GEMS Baseball Team]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of a boys' baseball team. The boys wear uniforms with GEMS on the front. They are sitting and standing on a grassy field. Five boys stand in the back, six sit cross-legged in front of them, and one boy is laying in front of all of them. There is a boy visible in the background, leaning on his bat.

[Jerry Sachs and the Portsmouth Baseball Team]

Item consists of a series of black and white photographs of a young men's baseball team. In one photo, the men are wearing baseball hats with the letter "P" on them, and ties that say "Portsmouth". The guys are standing in a hilly suburb park area with some homes behind them. All of the men in their uniforms are standing in a line, and there is a younger looking boy dressed as an umpire in front of them. There is a small uneven white border around the image. On the back of the photograph, someone has written in pencil "Jerry Sachs, 5 from left side". In another photo, the team is together on a grassy field with a man in a hat and tie. They are off- center and some of the team appears to be cut out of the frame. There is a light leak on the bottom right. On the back of the photograph in pencil is "Jerry Sachs, far-far left back row"