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Ceremonial Shovel:Rogers Communications Centre

File consists of a ceremonial shovel used for the Rogers Communication Centre ground-breaking ceremony. It has a blue handle with blue and gold ribbon tied to it. A plaque was attached that with the inscription "'In Motion for Tomorrow' Ground-Breaking Ceremony Rogers Communications Centre November 15, 1989".

Lanyard and card holder

File contains two nylon ribbon card holders, worn around the neck, with a metal clip at the end of each to attach plastic security/entry cards. The blue and gold ribbons measure 55cm in length and have the Ryerson University name printed on them.


File contains two t-shirts from the photographic arts course. One is a large yellow t-shirt with “The Medium Is The Message” is stamped on the front. The other is a promotional t-shirt for the Photographic Arts course, instructional media. X-large, white with red “Instructional Media” lettering on back and gold “Ryerson” on the front.

T-Shirt: "Instructional Media"

File contains a promotional t-shirt for the Photographic Arts course, instructional media. X-large, white with red “Instructional Media” lettering on back and gold “Ryerson” on the front.

Soapbox Car: Katie I

Item is a soapbox derby car built by Ryerson engineering students and raced from about 1990 to 1999. The car was named 'Katie' after the now-closed Centre For Advanced Technology Education (CATE). The item includes a plaque that reads "Mech Course Union - Thanks all engineers who gave their time and effort to keep the legacy of Katie Alive.

Television Camera Tubes

Two camera tubes of different sizes:

RG 102.51.01 - An Image Orthicon Tube (38cm high x 7cm base) from the early days of black and white video imaging technology. It came from one of the first two television cameras acquired by Ryerson in 1953 for the training of its Radio and Television Arts students. The tube was made by English Electric and the cameras by British Marconi. The tube was given to Elvino Sauro by pioneer Radio and Television Arts faculty member Andy Kufluk.

RG 102.51.02 - A Plumbicon Tube (21cm long x 3cm base) from one of the last tube cameras owned by Ryerson. This model was from a Sony DXC 1820-KA single tube colour video camera. Colour was obtained through a sophisticated and almost invisible striped filter on the face of the tube. It was eventually replaced by cameras equipped with solid state imaging devices called Charge Coupled Devices (CCD’s).

Studio Tungsten Lamp

File contains one of the last Standard Studio Tungsten Lamps used in sound-stage of the School of Image Arts before the conversion to tungsten halogen lamps. This lamp is either a tungsten argon lamp or a tungsten vacuum lamp and had a power of 2,000 watts. These old lamps suffered from vapourization of the tungsten filament which, as evidenced on this lamp, left a dark deposit on the inside of the glass envelope, thus reducing the brightness over time. This lamp and accompanying historical information was provided by Professor Elvino Sauro of the School of Image Arts.

RTA Christmas Ornament

One red glass RTA Christmas Tree ornament in box. Ornament has "Radio and Television Arts 2006" in gold in a gold marquee. Ornament house in white cardboard box with drawings of sprigs of holly and "Happy Holiday" written on each side. Box has open sides so the ornament can be seen.

Principal's Convocation gown

File consists of a purple gown with blue velvet trim and gold embossed trim. Photographic evidence suggests that this gown was worn at convocation ceremonies by Principal/President Fred Jorgenson, President Donald Mordell and President Walter Pitman during the mid to late 1960s until the later 1970s.


1 turntable.

McCurdy Radio Industries Ltd.

Office name plate

File contains a metal name plate listing: Aboriginal Services, Access Centre, Appeals, Financial Aid, Information Services, Scholarship and Awards, Student Programs.

United Way Campaign Thank You plaques

File contains three thank you plaques from the United Way Campaign from 2008 and 2009.

RG 12.186.01 United Way Campaign 2008 Thank you to the employees of Ryerson University

RG 12.186.02 - Thank you plaque from United Way Campaign 2008 to Sheldon Levy. Signed by campaign chair Bill MacKinnon "Sheldon, Thanks for all your help and support to the campaign. I ____ very much appreciated, Bill"

RG 12.186.03 Thank you plaque from United Way Campaign 2009 to Sheldon Levy. Signed by campaign chair Bill Downes "Sheldon, Thank you for your personal leadership in the 2009 campaign. Bill"

Terry Grier Convocation gown and mortarboard

File consists of the official gown and mortarboard worn by Terry Grier at convocation ceremonies during his tenure as Ryerson's President. The blue gown is a combination of rayon and velvet with gold embossed trim. The mortarboard is blue velvet with gold.

Library stamps

Twelve library stamps:
RG 5.33.01 - IUTS MAIL
RG 5.33.02 - Property of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
RG 5.33.03 - Distance Support Services
RG 5.33.04 - R.P.I. Library map
RG 5.33.05 - Library Only
RG 5.33.06 - 30 minutes
RG 5.33.07 - 1 Hour
RG 5.33.08 - Newspaper
RG 5.33.09 - 3 Day
RG 5.33.10 - ARMA Collection
RG 5.33.11 - Reason withdrawn
RG 5.33.12 - Property of Ryerson Polytechnic University Library

Gold Medal: Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate

One gold plated medal with the Ryerson crest and "Ryerson Polytechnic University" on one side and a side view of Isadore Sharp and "The Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate Medal RYERSON" on the other.
The Isadore Sharp outstanding recent graduate medal is awarded to an alumnus who has within 10 years of graduation brought honour to Ryerson and achieved distinction in their professional life.

Lapel Pin

File consists of a 10K gold pin with an infinity symbol for the Tau Epsilon Nu Alumni Association and "ten" on face.

Ryerson Bookmark

File contains a blue ribbon with a “Seagull Pewter” weighted plate at either end. Plates are embossed with “Ryerson” name. 22cm in length.

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute gold medals

File contain 4 obsolete Ryerson Gold Medals.
The medals are awarded to students who have a combination of academic excellence with extra-curricular contributions. Once the names of the medal winners have been provided by the Financial Aid and Awards Office, the Community Relations Department will arrange for the names to be inscribed on each medal for presentation at Ryerson's annual Convocation. These four medals, engraved with the name Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, were donated to the Archives because they are now obsolete. The current medals are now engraved with Ryerson Polytechnic University.

Brown leather swivel arm chairs

Two brown leather chairs on casters:

RG 12.78.01 Used with the Egerton Ryerson desk by President Brian Segal (1980-1988). “Arm Tilter” with four legs on casters. Re-upholstered by Krug Furniture Co., Kitchener, Ont. Brown colour. 45" high.

RG 12.78.02 Swivel desk chair believed to have been used by Egerton Ryerson during his years at St. James Square as Ontario’s Chief Superintendent of Education. Brown leather upholstery with open back spindle design. Four legs on casters. 35" high

The Edge - RSU mugs

Two black plastic mugs with "The Edge" on one side in white and "RSU" logo and "Ryerson Students' Union" in white on the other side. Mugs have lids with closeable spot for drinking out of.

Board of Governors stamps

Four obsolete Board of Governor stamps. Three are traditional wood and rubber and the fourth is a metal and plastic self inking stamp with changeable date stamp.

RG 220.64.01 - Approved by the Board of Governors of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
RG 220.64.02 - Approved by the Board of Governors of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
RG 220.64.03 - The Board of Governors of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
RG 220.64.04 - Received Ryerson Polytechnic University Board Secretariat

General Proficiency Award

Wood plaque in a shield shape. "Ryerson Institute of Technology" across top on a brass plaque. Large centre plaque with "General Proficiency Award presented to The School of Business by The Class of 1957" etched into it. Around the edge of the plaque are smaller metal shields - only two of which are engraved with student's names, the rest are blank.

Canadian University Productivity Awards Program honourable mention plaque

Canadian University Productivity Awards program honourable mention plaque awarded to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.
Full text on plaque : Canadian University Productivity Awards program sponsored by The Royal Bank of Canada, Xeroc Canada Ltd. Power Corporation of Canada and Canadian Association of University Business Officers 1991 Honourable Mention Ryerson Polytechnical Institute".

Award plaques

Sub-series consists of 5 awards plaques that were presented to students in the Journalism program.

RG 95.04.01 James G. Hagen Award, 1969-1981
RG 95.04.02 MacLean Hunter Journalism Graduate Award, 1954-1973
RG 95.04.03 Member/Audit Bureau Of Circulations, 1969
RG 95.04.04 Ryersonian, Front Page, c1952
RG 95.04.05 The Mirror Fifth Page Award For Poetry, 1962-1980

Bowling trophy

Large wooden base with a silver figure (broken), silver bowling pins and lane. Silver and brass name plates. “Architectural Club Bowling League”. Winners range from 1956-1968.

Convocation mortarboards

File consists of three blue velvet mortarboards with embossed gold trim and gold tassels. The sizes (7 1/8, 7 1/4, and 7 1/2) suggests that these were worn by Ryerson's presidents over the years.

Ryesac Tax Clinic t-shirts

Three t-shirts worn by participants in the RyeSAC tax clinic

RG 79.104.01 - XL navy blue shirt with yellow graphics and lettering
RG 79.104.02 - L white shirt with blue graphics and lettering
RG 79.104.03 - S yellow shirt with navy blue graphics and lettering


Several t-shirts with relating to different events at the RSU was involved in.

RG 79.112.01 - White cotton t-shirt with blue and orange stamping on it. Front has a white silhouette of students with raised fists and “Education is a RIGHT! Drop Fees” underneath in orange and blue. Back of t-shirt has RSU logo in blue and white.

RG 79.112.02 - RSU stand up and make a difference

RG 79.112.03 - A white t-shirt with blue and black lettering: Ryerson got SuperBuild and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (and a tuition fee increase, and a $2.3M budget cut, and larger class sizes…).

RG 79.112.04 - An XL grey t-shirt with RyeSAC logo on upper left chest and “Ryerson Rocks” on back.

RG 79.112.05 - IWD Fair 2008 Volunteer

Convocation hoods

Convocation hoods used during the 1950s/60s/70s.
3 plain black
3 black with white fur trim
1 black with white fur trim and yellow lining
1 burgundy/maroon
1 black with gold lining and white trim

Morley Finley trophy

Gold plated lamp of learning, columns and figures on two wooden square bases. The Morley Finley trophy was awarded to the engineering student who earned the highest standing in English and the social sciences. Mr. Finley was Ryerson’s first registrar from 1948 to 1955. His son Can Finley, managed the CJRT radio station.

TV Cameras - Classroom Props

A TV camera made out of a cardboard box and a tin can. Prop was used in Bill Lawrence's (RTA '54 graduate, RTA faculty member 1980-1996 and TV personality) classes by his students as a means of helping them relax in front of a live TV camera. Bill Lawrence signed his name on the bottom of the base.

Ryerson lapel and tie pin

Photocopied pictures of lapel and tie pins dates '58' and '59', presumably presented to students upon graduation. Item also consists of two commemorative lapel and tie pins dated to 1975.

Plush Eggy the Rams

Two grey plush Eggy the Ram stuffed animals. One has a blue and yellow scarf and the other has a blue and gold scarf and is softer.

Ganz Brothers

Mechanical drawing instruments

A set of Riefler hand drafting tools used before computer programming was developed to replace manual drawing. The instruments are resting in a black velvet slots inside a black leather case. The instruments were donated to the Archives by Gary Baldes, Technical Supervisor, School of Civil Engineering.

Ryerson athletic letters

Thirty-five athletic letters:

11 Gold "R" with blue and white felt backing - 16 x 13 cm
2 Gold "R" with "convener" and rams head on the letter. Blue felt backing - 16 x 14 cm
3 Gold "R" with "PI" in blue in middle of R. One has a small blue "M" on foot of R. On yellow and white felt - 18 x 15.5 cm
2 Gold "R" with "IT" in white through the R. on blue and white felt backing - 17 x 15 cm
5 Gold "R" with white and yellow felt backing, outlined in gold thread - 17 x 13 cm
1 Gold "R" with yellow, blue and white felt backing - 11 x 10 cm
1 Blue "R" with blue and yellow felt backing - 11 x 8 cm
2 Blue "R" with blue and yellow felt backing and gold stitching highlights - 10 x 8 cm (Intramural Champion award)
2 Gold "R" with yellow and white felt backing - 12 x 9 cm
7 Gold "R" with yellow and white felt backing. Gold and blue stitching. Blue "M" in foot of R - 12 x 9 cm

Lapel Pins: Ryerson Rams/Ryerson Lady Rams

File consists of two lapel pins that were presented to individuals when they joined a Ryerson Varsity Team. One pin says Ryerson Lady Rams and the other says Ryerson Rams. Both have a rams head below the lettering.

Ryerson Institute of Technology pennant

File consists of a cardboard pennant with a picture of a football player holding a football for a child ready to kick it. Ryerson was involved in “Save The Children College Bowl” event and at the banquet on each table was a similar pennant representing each organization participating in this event.


A variety of t-shirts from intramurals and other athletics related activities:

RG 30.11.01 - XL grey t-shirt with birds on front holding sign "Intramural" and "Champs"
RG 30.11.02 - XL white t-shirt with birds on front holding sign "Intramural" and "Champs"
RG 30.11.03 - XL yellow t-shirt touch football intramural champions
RG 30.11.04 - S yellow t-shirt Ryerson Fitness Trail
RG 30.11.05 - Navy blue polo short sleeved polo shirt Athletic Department Instructor

Ryerson spirit caps

Two Ryerson spirit caps. White with blue and gold. Ryerson on front, ram’s head on top, “Catch The Spirit” on left side and “Blue and Gold Society” on right side. A ram's head is on the top in gold and blue.

Ryerson Rams Basketball team uniforms

File contains Ryerson Rams basketball team uniforms one white mesh and the other blue mesh.

RG 30.36.01 Basketball uniform #6 (white) - shorts and jersey
RG 30.36.02 Basketball uniform #14 (blue) - shorts, jersey, and tear away pants

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