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Ryerson Community Park - Phase Two sign

File contains a sign with the inscription Ryerson Community Park - Phase Two. Information provided by the donor: “This plaque was removed from the east facade of the now demolished Thermofresh building (former carpenter’s shop...and whatever else ...

Ball point pens

  • RG 24.14
  • File
  • 1999
  • Part of CESAR

File contains 4 ball point pens that are branded CESAR (Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson). 3 pens are retractable (2 red, 1 purple) and 1 is not (blue and yellow).

Wild T4 Universal Theodolite Instrument

This instrument was used for angular measurements of the highest accuracy and astronomic-geodetic observations, providing a high resolving power and brilliant image, at 60x and 80x magnification. Its specific applications included: First Order Tri...

Standard Wye Level - W. & L.E. Gurley

Manufactured by W. & L.E. Gurley of Troy, N.Y. With wooden case. A label inside the case indicates that this instrument was repaired and adjusted by Carsen Instruments Ltd. of Toronto in 1967. Historical synopsis of manufacturer in sub-seri...

Analytical balance

This balance was used in the Concrete Material Analysis Laboratory of the School of Civil Engineering to measure fine samples of particles used in Mix-Designs. It was manufactured in 1959 by Seederer-Kohlbusch of Englewood, N.J. Capacity: 200g. ...


A piece of cornerstone 15cm x 19cm x 28cm mounted on a wooden base measuring 32cm x 38cm presented to the department of Survey (Civil) Engineering by the 1972 graduating students. There are four inscribed brass plates attached to the wooden base ...

Jacket (MIT)

Dark blue cloth jacket with gold lettering (Ryerson colours); MIT letters on left shoulder, 59 on right with Ryerson on the front. The jacket was donated by an alumnus on October 3, 2009 for the 50th anniversary of his MIT graduating class.

Self Propelled Athletic Vehicle

Accession includes : RG 105.23.01 Vehicle Prototype RG 105.23.02 Demo Video (10 min.) RG 105.23.03 Drawings for Patent Application RG 105.23.04 2 mounted drawings (1 colour) RG 105.23.05 Patent related material RG 105.23.06 Report "Investment...

Energy Bus sign

This file contains 1 Artifact: Clear plexiglass sign "Energy Bus operated by the Ryerson Energy Centre for The Ontario Ministry of Industry and Tourism. Owned by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada".


File contains objects created by the Career Centre for promotional purposes.

Zippered pencil case

Black and blue pencil case has three holdes for attachment to a 3-ring binder..

Wine bottles

Food Services catered a literary event for Tish Cohen Ryerson alumnus held in the Library on 10 April 2008 with the reception having taken place in the Archives. The two empty wine bottles were donated to the Archives at the end of the event by Fo...

RPU cufflinks

This file contains six pairs of 23K gold plated cufflinks, engraved with the Ryerson coat of arms and the words “Ryerson Polytechnic University”. Each pair was contained in a maroon velvet jewellery bag.

Parking Nameplates

These name plates were used for reserved parking spaces in the Kerr Hall quadrangle and included Executive Vice-President, Vice-President Academic, Board Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Student Services.

Super 8 mm Film Projectors

File consists of two super 8 mm film projectors. One is a Super Technicolor 510 model and the other is a Super Technicolor 810 model. The super 8 mm. film can be loaded into a cartridge as a continuous loop for individual repeated viewing. Most 8 ...

Film Strip Projector

File consists of a Dukane Super Micromatic projector, which, in addition to projecting the filmstrip, plays a record and advances the filmstrip at the proper time by reacting to inaudible recorded pulses.

Athletic Awards banners

Two gold nylon banners with blue writing on them. They hung in the Howard Kerr Hall gym until in 1998, the gold banners were replaced with royal blue ones.RG (90 x 119 cm) Gold banner Rams head outlined in blue. “Outstanding Athle...

Ryerson Rams Hockey Jerseys

Five Ryerson Rams men's hockey jerseys.RG 30.37.01 - White mesh with blue shoulders and gold trim. Blue and Gold rams head on front and "10" on the arm and back in blue and goldRG 30.37.02 - Blue shiny jersey with white and gold str...

Ryerson Rams Volleyball jerseys

Two Ryerson Rams volleyball jerseys.RG 30.85.01 - Light blue and white size large long sleeved jersey. "Ryerson 5" on front, "Pelican" in white on arm, and "5" in gold on backRG 30.85.02 - White jersey with gold and b...

Ryerson Camps' T-shirts

One shirt is a white junior large t-shirt with colourful cartoon characters and “Ryerson Day Camp” lettering. Another is a medium white t-shirt with Ryerson façade and colourful cartoon characters and “Ryerson Day Camp” lettering. The last shirt i...

Ryerson Athletics Blue & Gold shirt

File consists of an x-large navy jersey worn by members of the Athletics Blue & Gold Society at various events to promote athletics at Ryerson. On the back is the Athletics Ram logo with lettering: Ryerson Blue & Gold.

Ryerson Intramural Champs baseball cap

Three intramural champions baseball caps.RG 30.108.01 Beige coloured cap with navy blue stitching "Ryerson Intramural Champs" stiched on front in white and navy blue.RG 30.108.02 White coloured cap with navy blue brim. Embroidered on fro...

Intramural clothing

Clothing worn by players in the intramural leagues at Ryerson.RG 30.41.01 - Navy blue cotton sweatshorts sized XL with Rams head and "Intramurals" on left leg in gold.RG 30.41.02 - Navy blue cotton sweatpants sized S with gold band aroun...

Ryerson Rams Basketball team uniforms

File contains Ryerson Rams basketball team uniforms one white mesh and the other blue mesh.RG 30.36.01 Basketball uniform #6 (white) - shorts and jerseyRG 30.36.02 Basketball uniform #14 (blue) - shorts, jersey, and tear away pants

RAC staff sweat pants

File consists of men’s medium navy/pink sweat pants. There is a pink stripe around the right leg with RAC Staff printed in black. Sweat pants used when the RAC opened in 1987.

Ryerson Lady Rams Jacket

File consists of a large blue nylon jacket with Ryerson (gold/white lettering) on back. The upper left chest area has Ryerson Lady Rams, with a Ram’s head, stamped in gold. This jacket was used by Jean Kennedy from 1988-1993.


A variety of t-shirts from intramurals and other athletics related activities:RG 30.11.01 - XL grey t-shirt with birds on front holding sign "Intramural" and "Champs"RG 30.11.02 - XL white t-shirt with birds on front holding si...

Ryerson spirit caps

Two Ryerson spirit caps. White with blue and gold. Ryerson on front, ram’s head on top, “Catch The Spirit” on left side and “Blue and Gold Society” on right side. A ram's head is on the top in gold and blue.

Ryerson Intramural Champions medal

A blue letter ‘R’ with a Rams head (yellow/gold), inscribed with gold lettering ‘Ryerson Intramural Champions’. This medal came without a ribbon that may have been used to hang the award around the neck of the recipient.

Ryerson Institute of Technology pennant

File consists of a cardboard pennant with a picture of a football player holding a football for a child ready to kick it. Ryerson was involved in “Save The Children College Bowl” event and at the banquet on each table was a similar pennant repres...

Lapel Pins: Ryerson Rams/Ryerson Lady Rams

File consists of two lapel pins that were presented to individuals when they joined a Ryerson Varsity Team. One pin says Ryerson Lady Rams and the other says Ryerson Rams. Both have a rams head below the lettering.

Ryerson athletic letters

Thirty-five athletic letters:11 Gold "R" with blue and white felt backing - 16 x 13 cm2 Gold "R" with "convener" and rams head on the letter. Blue felt backing - 16 x 14 cm3 Gold "R" with "PI" in b...

Mechanical drawing instruments

A set of Riefler hand drafting tools used before computer programming was developed to replace manual drawing. The instruments are resting in a black velvet slots inside a black leather case. The instruments were donated to the Archives by Gary ...

Plush Eggy the Rams

Two grey plush Eggy the Ram stuffed animals. One has a blue and yellow scarf and the other has a blue and gold scarf and is softer.

Ganz Brothers

Ryerson lapel and tie pin

Photocopied pictures of lapel and tie pins dates '58' and '59', presumably presented to students upon graduation. Item also consists of two commemorative lapel and tie pins dated to 1975.

TV Cameras - Classroom Props

A TV camera made out of a cardboard box and a tin can. Prop was used in Bill Lawrence's (RTA '54 graduate, RTA faculty member 1980-1996 and TV personality) classes by his students as a means of helping them relax in front of a live TV ca...


File consists of a grey ballpoint pen with the Office of the Ombudsperson's contact information.

Morley Finley trophy

Gold plated lamp of learning, columns and figures on two wooden square bases. The Morley Finley trophy was awarded to the engineering student who earned the highest standing in English and the social sciences. Mr. Finley was Ryerson’s first regi...

Convocation hoods

Convocation hoods used during the 1950s/60s/70s.3 plain black3 black with white fur trim1 black with white fur trim and yellow lining1 burgundy/maroon1 black with gold lining and white trim


Several t-shirts with relating to different events at the RSU was involved in.RG 79.112.01 - White cotton t-shirt with blue and orange stamping on it. Front has a white silhouette of students with raised fists and “Education is a RIGHT! Drop Fees”...

Ryesac Tax Clinic t-shirts

Three t-shirts worn by participants in the RyeSAC tax clinicRG 79.104.01 - XL navy blue shirt with yellow graphics and letteringRG 79.104.02 - L white shirt with blue graphics and letteringRG 79.104.03 - S yellow shirt with navy blue graphics and ...

Convocation mortarboards

File consists of three blue velvet mortarboards with embossed gold trim and gold tassels. The sizes (7 1/8, 7 1/4, and 7 1/2) suggests that these were worn by Ryerson's presidents over the years.

Plastic sword

The sword is a sample of those used in a Student Services sponsored event to host the world's largest sword fight during Orientation Week. Held in the Quad, participants were required to pass through one entry/exit point with turnstiles. Amo...

Bowling trophy

Large wooden base with a silver figure (broken), silver bowling pins and lane. Silver and brass name plates. “Architectural Club Bowling League”. Winners range from 1956-1968.

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