aerial photography




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  • Refers to the activity of taking photographs from aircraft. The term may also be used to refer to any photography from the air, including photographs obtained by cameras mounted on aircraft, rockets, or Earth-orbiting satellites and other spacecraft. The purpose of photography from airborne or spaceborne vehicles is generally to provide information on ground features for military and other reconnaissance, or to record the dimensional disposition of such features for surveying or mapmaking. To refer specifically only to photography taken from beyond the Earth's atmosphere, use

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aerial photography

aerial photography

Equivalent terms

aerial photography

  • UF air photography
  • UF aerophotography
  • UF airborne photography
  • UF photography, aerial
  • UF photography, air

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aerial photography

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Fiarchild Aerial Camera

Item is a typical handheld camera using 5.7 inch roll film. The transport is by a built-in clockwork (one shot at a time) to be wound by a large lever at the left of the body to generate a flat film plane. Some suction is generated during exposure. Shutter is made by Ilex (Rochester NY) 1/125, 1/250, 1/500 sec.The lens is also by Ilex Optical Co - Paragon Anasigmat f6.3. Accessories include 1 38mm Yellow Filter and 2 Metal Slides.